Wednesday, June 10, 2009

T-Ball Time

T-ball games started the same week as our first full week of summer school. Emmalee's first game was Monday, June 1, at 6:45 P.M. It was hilarious. I have never laughed so hard in my life. The kids are adorable! She was very into the game and did a great job. We had another game scheduled for the next night, but it was rained out. We also had a game scheduled for June 9 (actually a double header to make up last week's game), but it was also rained out. Hopefully we will get these games in soon! I can't wait to see what the kids do next week!

Emmalee preparing for her first time in the field-she was playing second

Hitting the ball the first time

Running home

Seriously intent on the game, again at second base

Party Time!

Our first weekend off from summer school was exceptionally busy. We had two parties in two days, plus we had to make a quick trip to KC in order to find shorts for T-ball. Emmalee's friend from preschool, Evan, had a pool party that Saturday. It was perfect pool weather, and the girls had a fabulous time. Sunday we went to cousin Kaitlyn's tea party. The girls made hats, painted watering cans, and played other games, as well as had lots of yummy snacks. Photos follow, of course!

Emmalee sunbathing

Tori playing in the water

Emmalee floating in the pool

Tori in her tea party hat

Emmalee with her tea party hat and fan

Summer School Starts!

Emmalee has officially started school in Chillicothe. She attends summer school Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. until 3 P.M. She absolutely loves it and has made lots of new friends. She loves her teacher. So far we haven't had any mornings where she doesn't want to go, so I am hoping all year for kindergarten will be the same. Here are some snapshots of her first day.

Our eager beaver with her lunchbox and backpack

Posing for the camera

And exhausted after her first full day!

Catching Up...

So life has been really hectic here lately, and I have become something of a blogging slacker. Summer school zaps way more energy than the regular school days do, so when I get home I have little energy left except what is necessary to be mommy.

I enjoyed my brief time at home with the girls before returning to summer school. It was busy but fun. The girls did lots of playing, both inside and out. The best part is that they are now independent enough not to need me to play with them all the time. This helps when it comes time to fold laundry, fix lunch or dinner, or other random things I need to get done.

Ever since summer school started we have been even busier. Those updates appear in posts all to themselves. Here are a few pics form my brief time off. Only 14 more school days left until summer break for real!

The girls "tummy swinging" together

More "tummy swinging"

The girls discovered the faucet on the front of the house, all by themselves. We discovered they had discovered it just by luck-the windows in the kitchen were open and their belly laughs gave them away!