Saturday, September 25, 2010

We have some BIG news!!!!







Kid's Day Parade 2010

The girls participated in Chillicothe's annual Kid's Day parade. This year, in honor of our chicken raising efforts, the girls decided to be a chicken and an egg. They were adorable, and even though they didn't win, we thought they were the cutest kids there!

Our little chicken and egg

In this case, the chicken came first, since Emmalee is oldest

Lined up with their chicken farming daddy

Getting ready to head out for their walk around the square

My little chicken family

Tori Starts School

Tori started preschool this year. She is attending at the United Methodist Church in Chillicothe. While she isn't quite as fond of school as her big sister, she does have fun while she is there and she is learning tons!!!

Here is Tori at her Open House

Another shot at Open House

Tori on the morning of her first day

So sweet
Posing with big sister

Another shot with big sister

Look at my baby girl all grown up

Tori and her buddy Koby before going in the first day

Tori in front of the church

Tori and Miss Heidi (the saint who is her teacher)

Balloon Derby 2010

We made our annual trip to the Pershing Balloon Derby again this year. We switched things up a bit and went on Saturday night, which worked out really well. We sat with the Wagers family, which allowed the girls to have playmates and Mommy and Daddy to have adult conversation as well. It was, as usual, breathtaking. Emmalee hopes someday she gets to go up in one, and I hope, for her sake, she gets to experience that thrill as well.

Waiting patiently for the balloons to air up

Hanging out as the balloons get ready for take off

Just some of the many beautiful balloons

The night light
More balloons at the night light

1st Grade Begins

Where has time gone? Emmalee started first grade this year, and it seems like she should still be toddling around the house. She was ecstatic when she found out she got Mrs. Fox for 1st grade, but heartbroken when her BFF Lucy did not. Lots of tears were shed, which led this mama to do some quick thinking and set up a meeting place on the playground on the first day of school. Whew-crisis averted!!!

Emmalee and Daddy at Open House

Emmalee in front of the Dewey sign at Open House

Emmalee on the first morning of school

One very happy and excited first grader

In front of the Dewey sign as an official first grader
She is having a great year, learning lots of new things, and making lots of great friends! We LOVE 1st grade!!

Saddle Ridge Ranch

Emmalee and Tori participated in Vacation Bible School this year. They had a great time and learned lots of great songs and verses!

Tori and the other 3 year olds performing on the final night

Tori again
Sweet cowgirl Tori

Emmalee and her group (it was a bit more difficult to get pics of her)

More Em

Emmalee and her friend Halle, whom she invited to attend with her

British Soccer Camp 2010

Emmalee and Tori attended a soccer camp put on by a group of British soccer players. Emmalee lasted all week, and Tori lasted a day. Emmalee learned a lot, but she still struggles with being aggressive, as her coach even noted. He said the soccer field is no place for being polite, but he was, however, impressed by how nice she was on and off the field. I think aggression is just something that can't be taught.

Emmalee getting ready to play a game

Tori doing soccer drills
Tori in her jersey for the scrimmage

Emmalee doing drills

Tori hanging out in the rain on the final day of camp
Emmalee's team won 2nd place in the world cup challenge

Getting her soccer ball signed by Coach Louis

A group picture
The girls taking part in a water fight with the coaches at the end

Deanna Rose Farmstead 2010

The girls and I returned to Deanna Rose Farmstead this summer. It was just as fun as last year, and Emmalee tried a few more things. Tori is still apprehensive about all of the animals, but maybe in another year or so...
The girls writing their names on the chalkboards in the school house

Emmalee and Tori in the tee pee

Emmalee mashing corn

Emmalee feeding a crazy baby goat

Tori the butterfly
My sweet little flowers

My fabulous girls