Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Children's Choir

The third Sunday of every month is performance time for the Children's Choir at our church. Emmalee attends practices every Tuesday afternoon. She really enjoys singing and doesn't mind performing in front of others. Here is a video we took of her this month. She is standing behind the microphone from time to time, but... Also,please excuse the movement; apparently I suffer from nervous mom syndrome!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Roller Skating: Take 1

Emmalee's friend Tayler had a skating party this past weekend. I was very curious to see how well it went, since Emmalee decided a few months ago that she wanted a skating party for her "friend" party in December. At first she spent a lot of time on her bottom, which made me a bit nervous. However, she quickly got the hang of it! She had an absolute blast and cannot wait to do it again. She seems to be a natural, which makes me happy since I LOVE to skate (roller skate, ice skate)! We might just try ice skating this winter! Here are some pics from the day.

Emmalee trying to figure out how to remain standing

Emmalee, Marcella, and Macy

Emmalee getting it all figured out

About half-way through she was a skating pro!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Emmalee's School Party

Emmalee had her first school party Friday afternoon, and I was able to attend. HURRAY!!! It was very short, but it was so fun to see all the kiddos all dressed up. Her school does a parade to all the other kindergarten classrooms, so we were able to see how all her friends were dressed as well. Then the kiddos ate some yummy cupcakes and decorated cookies, while looking through their treat bags. It was a good time, and I am already looking forward to her Christmas party in December!
The best class shot I could get

Heading out for the parade

Watching her friends parade through her room

Eating her yummy snacks
Smiling with her Dracula teeth

Tori's First Hair Cut

Tori got her very first hair cut on Thursday, October 29. Emilee Hoyt, the same stylist who cut Emmalee's hair the first time, did us the honors again. Tori was a super champ, not moving an inch the entire time it was getting trimmed. Most people wouldn't notice the minuscule amount I let her trim, but apparently Gamma and Aunt Deana noticed! We are hoping this will help it grow more quickly!

Tori before Emilee began

The first snips Finishing up

Halloween 2009

Emmalee and Tori had lots of fun trick-or-treating this year. We started out in Hale by visiting Great Grandma and then stopping by Grandma's. Then we headed out to Richmond. We went around the block where I went growing up. Then we went to Aunt Connie and Uncle Dave's, where we were also able to see cousin Dawn. Then we headed to Trick-or-Treat Street. Then we headed home with WAY too much candy!

A pink lady and a kitty cat

Posing in front of the scarecrow at Gamma and Pappi's house
Headed down Holly Lane

The first neighbor's house

Getting the good (full size) candy bars at the Johnson's' house

Happily toting all the good loot

A happy pink lady

A grinning kitty cat
Emmalee at Trick-or-Treat Street

Tori at Trick-or-Treat Street

One final snapshot together

Meeting Miss Abby

The girls were able to meet their newest cousin, Abigail Rae, on Saturday before we went trick-or-treating. They instantly fell in love with her (who wouldn't?), and they would have gladly given up their night of getting candy to simply sit and hold her! Mommy had to pass up holding her, as I had been feeling yucky all day and certainly didn't want to spread nay germs to the little princess!
Seeing her for the first time while Gamma held her

Emmalee holding her for the first time while big sister Brooklyn looks on

Emmalee, Tori, Abby, and Brooklyn

Emmalee, as you can see, was quite smitten with little miss Abby

Tori's turn!
One more of Tori and beautiful baby Abby

Boo Fest 2009

After school on Friday Emmalee, Tori, Aunt Deana, and I headed out to Boo Fest. Boo Fest is sponsored by Chillicothe merchants and gives the kiddos a shot at trick-or-treating around the square. The merchants provide treats for the little ones in a one-stop kind of set-up. It was very cold and blustery, so we went as quickly as the lines would allow. All in all it was fun, but it was really to cold to enjoy thoroughly. We finished off the evening with dinner with Aunt Deana at Pizza Hut before heading home.

Emmalee and Tori starting out around the square

Cuddling to keep warm

A bundled up pink lady

A warm kitty eating her snacks