Monday, November 2, 2009

Meeting Miss Abby

The girls were able to meet their newest cousin, Abigail Rae, on Saturday before we went trick-or-treating. They instantly fell in love with her (who wouldn't?), and they would have gladly given up their night of getting candy to simply sit and hold her! Mommy had to pass up holding her, as I had been feeling yucky all day and certainly didn't want to spread nay germs to the little princess!
Seeing her for the first time while Gamma held her

Emmalee holding her for the first time while big sister Brooklyn looks on

Emmalee, Tori, Abby, and Brooklyn

Emmalee, as you can see, was quite smitten with little miss Abby

Tori's turn!
One more of Tori and beautiful baby Abby


Peggy said...

I was so surprised at both girls falling so head over heels for Miss Abby. Look out Lilleigh!!!!