Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cale Update

Cale has been up to lots this summer, like...

... playing with his piano in the basement.

...letting his sister do crazy things to him, like in this picture.

...sleeping through Emmalee's staging rehearsal.

...sleeping through Tori's staging rehearsal.

...hanging out with the gorillas at Crown Center.

....sitting in his sister's chair.

...taking a break from his favorite toy.

...falling asleep playing with his favorite toy.

....playing in his piano some more.

...and getting a completely clean bill of health after a follow up blood draw! We are so thankful for everyone who prayed for us while we were going through the past 2 and a half months! We are so thankful he is a healthy little boy and has overcome everything that has been tossed his way since before he was born. He's quite a little guy, and we are love every moment we have with him. He is our little miracle boy!

June Trip to Crown Center

We had to go to Children's Mercy to get Cale's blood drawn on June 16, so we decided to take a trip to crown Center.

Our first stop was crayola Cafe', our favorite place to eat at Crown Center!



Then we went to the Crayola Store. Here is Cale hanging out while his sisters were writing on the chalk board.

This is Tori at the awesome rain forest exhibit.

Emmalee pulling herself up the tree.

The three kiddos at the exhibit.

All 3 with the gorillas.

Tori on the tree climbing chair (sister helped her).

We topped our trip off with a little Sheridan's Frozen Custard. Yummy!!!

Cale chewed on his stroller strap. Poor fella!

We always look for an excuse to head to Crown Center. We love it there!!!

Dance Recital 2011

The girls took dance lessons again this year with Shapes Dance and Acro in Carrollton, MO. We absolutely LOVE it there. This year Emmalee was asked to audition for the competitive team, and she made it. She danced at least two hours a week and then participated in multiple performances, including two competitions. She has gained so much self-confidence and improved. We can't wait to see how she does in the years to come. Tori took recreational lessons again, and she has really improved as well. She really has rhythm, and I am sure it won't be long before she competes as well.

Emmalee participated in three different recitals. This was at the Marshall recital.

"Cha-Cha"ing in Marshall

This is Tori's back bend during "Electric Avenue."

Tori's stunt during "Electric Avenue"

Emmalee "Cha Cha"ing in Carrollton on the first night.

The final pose

Tori has a TON of sensory issues, and this costume tested her limits. She was nearly hysterical about wearing it, but tried so hard to be a trooper. Here she is trying not to cry so Mommy could get a picture of her in it.

Once she got on stage, she was good to go.

Here she is in "Twist Again".

She just finished taking a bow.

Emmalee after the first night of Carrollton recitals.

Tori with her flowers.

Emmalee on night two getting ready for "Tea Party."

She just came out of her tea cup.

In her tea cup again

"Tea Party" final pose

We look forward to what the future holds for our little dancers.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 months

At four months you(r):

*sleep through the night (it wasn't a fluke)

*like to be asleep between 7 and 8

*wake between 4 and 5 and then again between 6 and 8

*don't think you need to nap but mommy is working on breaking that nasty habit

*are a VERY supportive little brother throughout all of your sisters' dance practices

*roll over

*love your bath time

*are typically a very content baby

*are extremely tolerant of your older sisters

*love to play with the chicky toy on your bouncy seat

*favorite toy is a pink pig toy that hangs from your car seat but you prefer to hold on to

*have basically given up your binky

*cannot stand to be in a wet diaper (we can only hope this means good things about potty training)

*make us smile when you smile, giggle, coo, or basically just breathe

We love you to the moon and back little buddy!