Sunday, June 6, 2010

Everything I Need to Know in Life, I Learned in Kindergarten!

Emmalee on the first day of kindergarten

Emmalee (less than thrilled to be posing AGAIN in front of the sign) on the last day of kindergarten
Emmalee's first year of school has gone by much too quickly. It is so hard to believe that she is going to be in first grade next year, which is way more grown up than just being a kindergartner!!! She has learned so much this year and has grown in so many ways. We are very proud of the student and friend she has been over the past year and look forward to all she has ahead of her in the future. Here are some of the life lessons she learned over the past year, as well as some of her kindergarten accomplishments:

*She learned that teachers really are looking out for the best interest of their students. We COULDN'T have asked for a better teacher!
*She was a Terrific Kid in September for being Thoughtful.
*She was the STAR student in her class.
*She got "Caught Being Good" numerous times, and won a special award from Mrs. Brobst, the principal.
*She qualified for the gifted program test, but we decided she might benefit from waiting another year or so, as she is really hard on herself.
*She LOVES art and is very advanced in her skills.
*She learned that not all kiddos have the same rules and expectations at home, but the rules/expectations we have set for her have made her an asset in class.
*She learned that kids are not always nice, but it is important to do what you know is right instead of popular.
*She learned that sometimes adults make mistakes, and the ones that matter most make sure they apologize when they do.
*She learned that she is truly gifted in the area of writing.
*She learned that reading to others can be just as fun as someone reading to her.
*She learned that to be a good friend, sometimes you have to sacrifice for them, as well as be there for the important times, like her best friend Lucy's baptism.
*She wants to be a veterinarian, artist, and mom when she grows up.
*She learned courage, strength, and bravery in the face of adversity from her P.E. teacher, who is battling ALS. She also learned to be appreciative for what you have, because to someone else, that might just be the one thing they wish they could do just one more time, again from Coach K.
*She amazes us every single day at what she has leaned and what inferences she makes just from the world around her.
*She is truly a miracle, and we couldn't be more proud!

So Long Soccer

Soccer season has finally come to an end. We played six games in the fall and six games this spring. Emmalee has really wavered as to whether or not she enjoyed it, as she is really not an aggressive kiddo and soccer is relatively aggressive. She has, however, decided to go out again next season and to attend a camp this summer put on by a British soccer team. Here are some pictures from our final game of the year.

Sitting the bench with Daddy while Mommy coached the field

Uncle Eric stopped in to watch for a minute. That really meant a lot to Emmalee!

Kicking the ball in for our team

The whole team after getting their medals

Emmalee and Pappi after the game was all over
It was an interesting experience as a first time coach and soccer mom, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Pershing Park

Emmalee's Kindergarten class went on a field trip to Pershing Park on May 10. She invited Daddy to go along with her, and he actually took two different days off work to attend, as the first date was cancelled due to weather conditions. The weather was questionable on this date as well, and they only got about half of the trip in before the rains hit. They went on the boardwalk in the morning, then visited different stations set up by the Conservation Department when they got back to school. Emmalee had a great time.

Emmalee and Daddy before the trip

Emmalee posing in her Partners in Education t-shirt