Monday, March 28, 2011

Revolution Dance Competition

Emmalee started competitive dance this year and had her first competition on March 27 at The Music Hall in Kansas City. It was a bit emotional for me because my baby was dancing on the same stage as The Nutcracker is performed. How awesome is that?!?! She handled herself with such grace and style; I couldn't be more proud! She and her group took first place in both dances and received a platinum rating, which is the highest you can receive. Their teachers were very impressed that they scored so high with this being the first time that the majority of them had competed! Here are a few pics from the day. Emmalee backstage before "Tea Party"

Getting ready to perform "Tea Party"

Before "Cha Cha"
A close up of my tiny dancer

Daddy and Emmalee sharing a snack before the awards ceremony


We are excited for the next competition and for her future with Shapes Dance and Acro competitive dancers!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

6 Weeks

Cale had his 6 week check up today. He is growing quite nicely... He is on target developmentally and, as expected, hated his 3 shots. So did Mommy.

His stats:

Length-22 inches 50th percentile

Weight-10 pounds 50th percentile

Head Circumfrence-15 inches 25th percentile

We are STILL loving every minute of this little guy!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


After just 4 short weeks at home with our newest bundle of joy, I have to return to work on March 2. I spent most of today crying when I would think about it.

Apparently the feeling is mutual!!!

Four Weeks/One Month

At 4 weeks you:
*continue to grow-you may soon outgrow newborn diapers
*absolutely hate to be without clothes, cold, or in bath water
*still LOVE to snuggle
*reach for objects (mostly Tori's hair)
*are a bright eyed little guy more and more often
*stop crying on a dime when you hear Emmalee's voice
*still can't decide if you want to be a binky baby or not
*are not a fan of tummy time
*have taken to not eating very well again
*make your Mommy's heart melt when you cry your "pitiful" cry
*do a fabulous job riding in your car seat
*coo in the softest little voice

We can't believe you are already a month old, and we are more in love with you every single day!