Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Four Weeks/One Month

At 4 weeks you:
*continue to grow-you may soon outgrow newborn diapers
*absolutely hate to be without clothes, cold, or in bath water
*still LOVE to snuggle
*reach for objects (mostly Tori's hair)
*are a bright eyed little guy more and more often
*stop crying on a dime when you hear Emmalee's voice
*still can't decide if you want to be a binky baby or not
*are not a fan of tummy time
*have taken to not eating very well again
*make your Mommy's heart melt when you cry your "pitiful" cry
*do a fabulous job riding in your car seat
*coo in the softest little voice

We can't believe you are already a month old, and we are more in love with you every single day!