Sunday, March 21, 2010

Disney on Ice 2010

This was a big year for the O'Dell family and Disney on Ice. Tori FINALLY got to go with us, and she had a great time! It was a great show, and the girls were awestruck at all the performances.

Tori and her first Disney on Ice snow cone

A picture of both the girls spellbound by the Lion King performance

Emmalee enjoying her snow cone
A great time was had by all! We CANNOT wait until next year!

Playdate at the Park

Before the weather outside got frightful again, Emmalee had a play date at the park with one of her BFF's, Lauren. Lauren came with us after school, and after a brief stop for some ice cream at Sonic, we headed to the park to play for a couple of hours, followed by a trip to Hy-Vee for a snack and a quick play session at Lauren's house while mommy visited with her friend (and Lauren's mom) Sarah.

The two coming down a slide

Swinging in rain (almost...)

Practicing for when they become "fire girls"
Next stop: Sleepover!

Lilleigh Pie

We got to keep Lilleigh Pie overnight last weekend. Here a few of the adorable pics we got.

Sleeping in the bouncy

At 3 A.M. with Tori

The next morning with Emmalee
I am fairly certain that my girls couldn't love her more! Me either!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

On February 23, Daddy celebrated his 31st birthday. Thanks to a TON of snow, the girls and I had lots of time to prepare. We spent the day baking a cake...

Yummy fun licking the beaters
...decorating the cake...
Look out Cake Boss, here come the O'Dell girls

The finished product
...and cleaning up before dinner

Such a big helper
The only thing we forgot was the ice cream, but we just celebrated an extra day with ice cream for desert the next day! Happy birthday with lots of love Daddy!