Friday, September 25, 2009

Brooklyn's Birthday Party

Last weekend was really busy, with the Kid's Day Parade and soccer games Saturday, followed by Emmalee singing at church on Sunday. I took the girls to their cousin Brooklyn's 4th birthday party so they could run off some of the energy and get good and tired (in hopes that I would get a good night's sleep!). Brooklyn was turning 4 and had a princess party. The girls had a great time playing at the park with their cousins! Here are some pictures.

Emmalee hanging out on the play equipment

Emmalee and Tori
Tori and Cobi sliding together

All the kiddos at the party
Everyone had a great time. Thanks for having us!

Kids' Day Parade 2009

This is the 6th year we have participated in the Kids' Day Parade in Chillicothe. Each year it is exciting to come up with a costume idea, and it has become more challenging since Tori was born, as we didn't want the girls competing with one another and had to come up with group ideas. This year I had a stroke of creativity hit me while driving home from KC. We decided that Emmalee would be a magician and Tori would be the bunny she pulls from her hat. The girls had a great time in the parade, as did those of us watching them. It was perfect weather and a perfect day. Here are the pictures.

Tori in her "rabbit in the hat" costume.

Emmalee putting a magic spell on someone while Tori looks on.

Emmalee giving Tori pointers.

Getting ready to walk the parade route with Daddy.

Walking with Daddy.

Tori lost her bunny ears along the way.

Emmalee patiently waiting for the results to be announced.

Tori patiently waiting.

All that patience paid off, as they won 2nd place!
My smiling magician and bunny!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Balloon Derby 2009

Per family tradition, we attended the Balloon Derby the Sunday before Labor Day. We had a great time and took lots of great pictures, but I am only posting a few as this new camera makes it hard to post pictures.

Emmalee hanging out with Daddy while Mommy and Tori got snacks
Posing for the camera

A balloon flying right above us

A rare (though not good) picture of Mommy and her pretty, pretty princesses

Tori intently watching the balloons during the night light

Tori didn't like being right next to the balloons when they lit their flames-she thought it was much too noisy!

The highlight of Emmalee's night-she got to get in the basket of one of the hot air balloons. She was on cloud 9!
We had tons of fun and can't wait to do it again next year!

God's Little Princess

Emmalee went forward on July 31, 2009 and accepted Jesus into her heart. We celebrated her baptism on Sunday, September 6, 2009. We had family and friends join us to witness this very special occasion. After church we returned home for a lunch and fellowship with more family and friends. It was an amazing day, and we are so thankful to all who have helped guide Emmalee towards this milestone in her life!

Emmalee and Tori before church

Emmalee looking very sweet

Tori practicing her new "picture pose"

Emmalee in her baptism gown

Being silly to cover her nervousness

Here is Emmalee when Brother James first brought her out to the baptismal.

Getting ready to be baptized

Leading up to the big moment

Newly baptized

Emmalee's cake made especially by Gamma. We couldn't imagine having any one else make her cake for this special day!

Emmalee with the cake

Playing in her Sunday finest ( out in the yard!)

Uncle Brian swinging Cobi and Tori

Not sure I know nor do I want to...

Emmalee opening some of her baptism gifts

She loved the bead set from Aunt Melissa

Her picture frame from Brian and Mel, declaring her a true princess, since she is the daughter of a king!

The 5 O'Dell great-grandchildren

Tori enjoying herself with Emmalee's recorder

More enjoyment for Tori
The day was perfect, and we are so thrilled to have shared with it with our family and friends!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Soccer 101

Soccer season officially started in the O'Dell house. As soccer coach and mother of a soccer player, I can honestly say this might be a long season. One of our players chose not to practice at all, and Emmalee wasn't overly thrilled at the concept of soccer. She, for some reason, is ultra competitive, and our practice consisted of different games using the soccer ball. For some reason, when Emmalee kicks her ball, it doesn't go straight. Therefore, it takes her at least twice as long to get to the end of the field. It was humorous and adorable all rolled up into one 45 minute practice. Of course, we took some pics (okay, not we, but Kerrigan (one of the players' older sisters)). Here you go...

Emmalee kicking around the ball

Emmalee and her friend Lauren hanging out

Kicking the ball down the field during Red Light, Green Light

More Red Light, Green Light with Coach Witt
Her first game is September 10, so stay tuned for a game report!

Tiny Dancers

Dance lessons have begun! The O'Dell girls are both attending dance this year, and Tori FINALLY gets to be "big enough" to do something Emmalee is doing. You may recall that Tori attended "bring a friend to dance" day back in the spring. She only lasted about 2 minutes that day, but she spent the entire summer talking about Miss Tracey and how much fun she was going to have in dance class, so we went ahead and enrolled her. The night of dance, mommy was a bit worried (and admittedly shaking), but Tori went right in and had a great time! Emmalee, mommy, and daddy were super proud of her! The true test was whether or not she would go back the next week. At first she told daddy she didn't want to, but then last night she went right in, even though Emmalee and I were a bit late due to curriculum night. The girls love to dance around, so this is a good outlet for them. And, of course, mommy took lots of pictures. Here are the ones I think are the cutest.

Tori patiently waiting in line for class to start

Emmalee, Isabelle, and Caroline (dancing buddies for the past 2 years)

Emmalee and her cousin Kaitlyn (Emmalee looked away right as I snapped the pic, but it's a great one of Kaitlyn)

Tori, with her dance bag (which was empty but she insisted on carrying it), waiting to go in
The girls will have performances coming up, so we will continue to update with pictures!