Friday, September 4, 2009

Tiny Dancers

Dance lessons have begun! The O'Dell girls are both attending dance this year, and Tori FINALLY gets to be "big enough" to do something Emmalee is doing. You may recall that Tori attended "bring a friend to dance" day back in the spring. She only lasted about 2 minutes that day, but she spent the entire summer talking about Miss Tracey and how much fun she was going to have in dance class, so we went ahead and enrolled her. The night of dance, mommy was a bit worried (and admittedly shaking), but Tori went right in and had a great time! Emmalee, mommy, and daddy were super proud of her! The true test was whether or not she would go back the next week. At first she told daddy she didn't want to, but then last night she went right in, even though Emmalee and I were a bit late due to curriculum night. The girls love to dance around, so this is a good outlet for them. And, of course, mommy took lots of pictures. Here are the ones I think are the cutest.

Tori patiently waiting in line for class to start

Emmalee, Isabelle, and Caroline (dancing buddies for the past 2 years)

Emmalee and her cousin Kaitlyn (Emmalee looked away right as I snapped the pic, but it's a great one of Kaitlyn)

Tori, with her dance bag (which was empty but she insisted on carrying it), waiting to go in
The girls will have performances coming up, so we will continue to update with pictures!