Friday, September 25, 2009

Kids' Day Parade 2009

This is the 6th year we have participated in the Kids' Day Parade in Chillicothe. Each year it is exciting to come up with a costume idea, and it has become more challenging since Tori was born, as we didn't want the girls competing with one another and had to come up with group ideas. This year I had a stroke of creativity hit me while driving home from KC. We decided that Emmalee would be a magician and Tori would be the bunny she pulls from her hat. The girls had a great time in the parade, as did those of us watching them. It was perfect weather and a perfect day. Here are the pictures.

Tori in her "rabbit in the hat" costume.

Emmalee putting a magic spell on someone while Tori looks on.

Emmalee giving Tori pointers.

Getting ready to walk the parade route with Daddy.

Walking with Daddy.

Tori lost her bunny ears along the way.

Emmalee patiently waiting for the results to be announced.

Tori patiently waiting.

All that patience paid off, as they won 2nd place!
My smiling magician and bunny!