Friday, September 4, 2009

Soccer 101

Soccer season officially started in the O'Dell house. As soccer coach and mother of a soccer player, I can honestly say this might be a long season. One of our players chose not to practice at all, and Emmalee wasn't overly thrilled at the concept of soccer. She, for some reason, is ultra competitive, and our practice consisted of different games using the soccer ball. For some reason, when Emmalee kicks her ball, it doesn't go straight. Therefore, it takes her at least twice as long to get to the end of the field. It was humorous and adorable all rolled up into one 45 minute practice. Of course, we took some pics (okay, not we, but Kerrigan (one of the players' older sisters)). Here you go...

Emmalee kicking around the ball

Emmalee and her friend Lauren hanging out

Kicking the ball down the field during Red Light, Green Light

More Red Light, Green Light with Coach Witt
Her first game is September 10, so stay tuned for a game report!