Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Blog Slacker

I have been a blog slacker in July. I can't really think of any good excuses, other than I have been enjoying time with the kids rather than being on the computer long enough to blog. Several updates follow. August will likely be the same, as I go back to work two weeks into the month, and I want to savor every moment I can before life gets crazy again!

So Long Cast

On June 25 Tori fell off the bottom step in the basement and put her hand down to catch herself. She cried A LOT, but finally stopped and went about the night as if nothing was wrong. We didn't think any more about it. Then the next morning she woke up and wouldn't use her arm. We took her to Children's Mercy Northland Urgent Care, where they said it was not broken but couldn't rule out an injury to the growth plate. They put her in a brace and sent us on her way with instructions to follow up with our pediatrician in a week. When we called to set up that appointment, they told us they didn't deal with bones and sent us to a specialist in Kansas. There they x-rayed her again and found out that her arm, in fact, was broken (it has now been nearly 2 weeks!!). We left with a hot pink glittery waterproof cast and a very unhappy little girl. Three weeks later we returned to get it removed and found out she was healing perfectly, actually faster than most kiddos heal!! (Must be all that chocolate milk she drinks!!)

Tori on the day we were getting the cast removed

After we left the dr., we went to lunch then went to Independence Center so the girls could do what they call the "bungee" jump. Tori promised she would do it. I should have known better! Here she is getting all strapped in.

Emmalee had done it before, so I knew she was a sure thing. Plus, she is like me and likes to try adventurous things...

Still smiling...

And 2 minutes into it they had to stop it because she FREAKED out!

Emmalee, however, was enjoying herself immensely.

Even doing about 4 flips!

And this is what Tori did while she waited for her sister to finish. I guess she doesn't have as much of an adventurous spirit as I thought. Oh well, at least we could still call it a good day because we are CAST FREE- BABY!!!!

VBS 2011

"Big Apple Adventure" was the theme of this year's Vacation Bible School. All three kiddo attended, and I helped out in Tori's group. It was a great week, but it was very exhausting as well. Cale wasn't sure, at first, about being away from Mama for that long, but he eventually settled in. The girls got to spend time with their friends and learn about mission work and Bible stories. Tori has an incredible curiosity and understanding about God; I think we will be baptizing her young like her sister was! Here are a few pics from the program.

Tori and the 4-year-old group singing.

Tori and her friends Caylee and Katherine

Caylee, Katherine, Tori, and Fisk

Emmalee and her group performing

Another shot

...and again. Her group (the kiddos who just finished first and second grade) was the biggest group with 33 kids! WOW!!)

Summer Fun July 2011

July has been a busy month for us. Since we didn't go on a family vacation this year because our "vacation" came in February, I have been trying to make it up to the girls by doing lots of fun things. We have gone to the water park twice, Chuck E. Cheese, and the Zoo so far. I know it isn't the same as a "vacation", but I am sure we will still cherish these memories as well!

Emmalee bowling at Chuck E. Cheese

Cale's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese

Tori riding a ride at Chuck E. Cheese

Emmalee on the new skyline at the Kansas City Zoo. We got a platinum Friends of the Zoo Membership so we could go whenever we want and ride all the fun rides. We plan to go back LOTS!!

It was SUPER hot that day at the Zoo, so the girls played in the cooling mists the Zoo had going.


We LOVE summer time!!!

4th of July 2011

This year we spent several days celebrating the Fourth of July. We started out at Hale's celebration on Saturday night so that Emmalee could hang out with one of her best friend's, Lucy. While she ran around on the obstacle course, Tori, Cale, and I visited with some of my students and other people we knew, as well as played on the park equipment. It was fun!

Cale watching the kids playing at the Hale Park.

Tori and Cale being patient while big sister played with her bestie

All 3 of my sweeties waiting for big sisters to get to go into the bounce house

Then on Sunday we had both the Powell and O'Dell family over for a BBQ and fireworks. Both sets of grandparents, along with 3 aunts, 2 uncles, 10 cousins, a great aunt and a great uncle joined us for the festivities. It was so much fun!! The picture above is all three O'Dell kids in the 4th of July finest, provided by the oh-so-talented Gamma!!

Then, on the actual 4th of July, we went to Carrollton so that Emmalee could dance before a concert they were holding. It was excruciatingly hot, but she survived with Mom, Dad, Tori, and Cale there to cheer her on! She did a fabulous job, as usual, and we are so proud of her!

5 Months

At 5 months, you(r)...

*are sitting up like a champion

*are getting up on your hands and knees

*are totally a Mama's boy

*love to snuggle

*put your sweet little hands on on face and give us kisses

*are super chatty

*smile ALL the time

*love to play with your sisters

*are content to do pretty much whatever we want to do

*love to ride in your stoller, sitting up of course

*make us happier than we could have ever imagined!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cale Update

Cale has been up to lots this summer, like...

... playing with his piano in the basement.

...letting his sister do crazy things to him, like in this picture.

...sleeping through Emmalee's staging rehearsal.

...sleeping through Tori's staging rehearsal.

...hanging out with the gorillas at Crown Center.

....sitting in his sister's chair.

...taking a break from his favorite toy.

...falling asleep playing with his favorite toy.

....playing in his piano some more.

...and getting a completely clean bill of health after a follow up blood draw! We are so thankful for everyone who prayed for us while we were going through the past 2 and a half months! We are so thankful he is a healthy little boy and has overcome everything that has been tossed his way since before he was born. He's quite a little guy, and we are love every moment we have with him. He is our little miracle boy!

June Trip to Crown Center

We had to go to Children's Mercy to get Cale's blood drawn on June 16, so we decided to take a trip to crown Center.

Our first stop was crayola Cafe', our favorite place to eat at Crown Center!



Then we went to the Crayola Store. Here is Cale hanging out while his sisters were writing on the chalk board.

This is Tori at the awesome rain forest exhibit.

Emmalee pulling herself up the tree.

The three kiddos at the exhibit.

All 3 with the gorillas.

Tori on the tree climbing chair (sister helped her).

We topped our trip off with a little Sheridan's Frozen Custard. Yummy!!!

Cale chewed on his stroller strap. Poor fella!

We always look for an excuse to head to Crown Center. We love it there!!!

Dance Recital 2011

The girls took dance lessons again this year with Shapes Dance and Acro in Carrollton, MO. We absolutely LOVE it there. This year Emmalee was asked to audition for the competitive team, and she made it. She danced at least two hours a week and then participated in multiple performances, including two competitions. She has gained so much self-confidence and improved. We can't wait to see how she does in the years to come. Tori took recreational lessons again, and she has really improved as well. She really has rhythm, and I am sure it won't be long before she competes as well.

Emmalee participated in three different recitals. This was at the Marshall recital.

"Cha-Cha"ing in Marshall

This is Tori's back bend during "Electric Avenue."

Tori's stunt during "Electric Avenue"

Emmalee "Cha Cha"ing in Carrollton on the first night.

The final pose

Tori has a TON of sensory issues, and this costume tested her limits. She was nearly hysterical about wearing it, but tried so hard to be a trooper. Here she is trying not to cry so Mommy could get a picture of her in it.

Once she got on stage, she was good to go.

Here she is in "Twist Again".

She just finished taking a bow.

Emmalee after the first night of Carrollton recitals.

Tori with her flowers.

Emmalee on night two getting ready for "Tea Party."

She just came out of her tea cup.

In her tea cup again

"Tea Party" final pose

We look forward to what the future holds for our little dancers.