Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Fun July 2011

July has been a busy month for us. Since we didn't go on a family vacation this year because our "vacation" came in February, I have been trying to make it up to the girls by doing lots of fun things. We have gone to the water park twice, Chuck E. Cheese, and the Zoo so far. I know it isn't the same as a "vacation", but I am sure we will still cherish these memories as well!

Emmalee bowling at Chuck E. Cheese

Cale's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese

Tori riding a ride at Chuck E. Cheese

Emmalee on the new skyline at the Kansas City Zoo. We got a platinum Friends of the Zoo Membership so we could go whenever we want and ride all the fun rides. We plan to go back LOTS!!

It was SUPER hot that day at the Zoo, so the girls played in the cooling mists the Zoo had going.


We LOVE summer time!!!