Sunday, July 31, 2011

So Long Cast

On June 25 Tori fell off the bottom step in the basement and put her hand down to catch herself. She cried A LOT, but finally stopped and went about the night as if nothing was wrong. We didn't think any more about it. Then the next morning she woke up and wouldn't use her arm. We took her to Children's Mercy Northland Urgent Care, where they said it was not broken but couldn't rule out an injury to the growth plate. They put her in a brace and sent us on her way with instructions to follow up with our pediatrician in a week. When we called to set up that appointment, they told us they didn't deal with bones and sent us to a specialist in Kansas. There they x-rayed her again and found out that her arm, in fact, was broken (it has now been nearly 2 weeks!!). We left with a hot pink glittery waterproof cast and a very unhappy little girl. Three weeks later we returned to get it removed and found out she was healing perfectly, actually faster than most kiddos heal!! (Must be all that chocolate milk she drinks!!)

Tori on the day we were getting the cast removed

After we left the dr., we went to lunch then went to Independence Center so the girls could do what they call the "bungee" jump. Tori promised she would do it. I should have known better! Here she is getting all strapped in.

Emmalee had done it before, so I knew she was a sure thing. Plus, she is like me and likes to try adventurous things...

Still smiling...

And 2 minutes into it they had to stop it because she FREAKED out!

Emmalee, however, was enjoying herself immensely.

Even doing about 4 flips!

And this is what Tori did while she waited for her sister to finish. I guess she doesn't have as much of an adventurous spirit as I thought. Oh well, at least we could still call it a good day because we are CAST FREE- BABY!!!!