Thursday, August 20, 2009


So Emmalee started kindergarten this week. It was a huge deal for all of us, and none of shed ANY tears! Hurray! She has a great teacher, whom I personally know (what a relief!). She has a good friend from summer school in her class, as well as a little boy whose mom is one of my co-workers. There are about 10 kiddos at Dewey whose parents teach at the middle school, so we walk together to pick them up, then they run around the building and play while we get our work done. It is so nice to have Emmalee with me every day, and she really enjoys playing with the other kids too!

Our first "First day of kindergarten" picture

Smiling for the camera

A picture with the backpack

In front of her new school

Hanging out in mom's room after school

Drawing me a picture after school

Day 2: They were asked to wear brown to school...
Emmalee is having a great time at school, and we are so happy to report that all is going very smoothly !