Saturday, September 25, 2010

British Soccer Camp 2010

Emmalee and Tori attended a soccer camp put on by a group of British soccer players. Emmalee lasted all week, and Tori lasted a day. Emmalee learned a lot, but she still struggles with being aggressive, as her coach even noted. He said the soccer field is no place for being polite, but he was, however, impressed by how nice she was on and off the field. I think aggression is just something that can't be taught.

Emmalee getting ready to play a game

Tori doing soccer drills
Tori in her jersey for the scrimmage

Emmalee doing drills

Tori hanging out in the rain on the final day of camp
Emmalee's team won 2nd place in the world cup challenge

Getting her soccer ball signed by Coach Louis

A group picture
The girls taking part in a water fight with the coaches at the end