Tuesday, August 3, 2010

T Ball 2010

Emmalee played T Ball again this year and had several friends on her team, along with her awesome coaches from last year. She had lots f fun and actually made it through the season without having a cast. Sweet success!

Batting in her "girlied up" T Ball shirt...

Hanging out on first with her BFF Lucy

Waiting patiently for the ball to come directly to her...

Getting ready to bat, with enthusiasm
The team getting their certificates at the end of the final game

Saying Good Bye

When Emmalee started preschool in Richmond, I never expected her to make such good friends with two little girls in her class. They went to school together for two years, and then Emmalee switched to Chillicothe, while Evan and Mira stayed in Richmond. It was a hard transition, as they played together lots and had so much in common. I felt completely comfortable allowing Emmalee to spend time with the girls, because their parents took her health concerns just as seriously as we do. We tried to continue the friendship over the one hour distance, but then life took a swerve...

Earlier this spring we found out that Evan and Mira's dads (the girls are cousins) were being transferred to Atlanta. Emmalee was heartbroken, as was I. I had gone through the exact same thing at the exact same time in my life. We had the opportunity to celebrate Evan's birthday with her just before she moved, which allowed us some time to visit with Mira as well. It was bittersweet time, as the adults all realized the seriousness of the final moments, but the girls just enjoyed spending time together. Now we tell Emmalee she will have two great pen pals in Georgia, which will also give us a reason to head that way on vacation some day.

The girls just before we left the party (Emmalee, Evan, and Mira)
Life is full of lessons to be learned, especially at Emmalee's age, but few are as difficult as saying good bye to your two "first" best friends...

Dance Recital 2010

This was Emmalee's third recital and Tori's first. It happened to fall on the last day of school, and it was a rainy, stormy night. I wasn't sure how tori would hold up, as she had to stay with virtual strangers backstage while it was thundering outside (not her favorite sound). She, however, did amazing, as did Emmalee. We LOVE Shapes Dance and Acro out of Carrollton, and we really feel it has been one of the best things we have done for the girls, as their confidence has soared, as well as their interpersonal skills. On to the pics...

Both of my beautiful dancers before the show started

Not only is she pretty and sweet, but photogenic as well...

My sweet sunshine...

Tori dancing to "You Are My Sunshine"

Emmalee "Singing in the Rain"
Tori in "The Good Ship Lollipop"

Emmalee in "Celebration"

Tori LOVED the finale, especially when all the confetti fell from the ceiling

Tori, Daddy, and Emmalee with all the pretty flowers

A very tired dancer and newly graduated kindergartner
We can't wait to see what 2010-2011 brings in terms of dancing...