Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blind Faith: Take 2

So Cale had his 6 week check up on March 17. I fully expected to go in, get his stats, talk about his development, and then leave. However, I was completely blindsided when the dr. asked if I had received a copy of his newborn screening results from the state. I had not. He acted surprised, then told me that Cale's hemoglobin levels came back abnormal. He said, "It is probably nothing, but..." This was followed by, "Don't look this up on the computer because everything you read will be bad and scare you." Apparently he doesn't know me as well as I thought he did because, of course, the FIRST thing I am going to do is look it up. He was right...

What we are looking at in terms of abnormal reporting is called hemoglobinopathy. We have to retest Cale at 4 months (per state recommendation) and wait to see if it comes back abnormal again. Duane and I will also have to be tested. There is no history of blood disorders on either side of the family, that we know of. However, we will both be tested, as this is a genetic condition. If it comes back abnormal, then we have to begin genetic testing to see exactly what it is and if he is just a carrier or if he actually has the blood disorder. Waiting until he is 4 months is the most difficult part for me. I feel like everything about my pregnancy and now his short little life has been "wait and see". I am not very good at waiting for the unknown, but I suppose we are going to have to do it again. Right now I am holding on to the fact that he seems perfect, is developing on target, and God's promise that He won't give me anything more than I can handle.


Kevin & Jana said...

We will continue to stand beside you and surround you all with love and prayers! Jana, Kevin & family

Amy A said...
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Amy A said...

Tara, I deleted the previous post because it just didn't sound right. "I know the feeling you are having and it is not a good one" is what I said and left it at that. Just didn't sound very encouraging to me once I reread it!
I want you to know that one of Blake's newborn screens came back abnormal and we got to retest immediately (Thank You God!) because I could not handled waiting two months given our history with Charles. Anyway, it came back just fine a week later. No doubt in my mind that Cale's will too!
You will be in my prayers constantly.
Amy Anderson