Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Milk anyone?

Hurray! We received a letter yesterday from Emmalee's allergist. In June her milk IGE was 11.7, but last Wednesday it had dropped to 6.5!!! In our world this is really exciting news. I just spoke with Children's Mercy, and we have a milk challenge scheduled for February 9. During this challenge, Emmalee will receive small but increasing amounts of milk every 15 minutes until she either shows signs of a reaction (hives, runny nose, itchy mouth, etc.) or until she has had enough milk with no signs of a reaction to be considered free of her allergy. Emmalee is very excited about getting to try chocolate milk, and her allergist is excited for her to start getting some calcium, as Emmalee strongly resists taking calcium supplements. Dr. Amado is also hoping that this might spur some growth for Emmalee, who she feels is too petite. We are not as concerned about this, as she probably just takes after her mom. Regardless, this was some much needed good news in terms of Emmalee's allergies!