Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Week (give or take...) in the lives of the O'Dell Girls

So we survived Thanksgiving and all that goes along with it: eating, shopping, decorating, and on and on. The girls had a great time over break, and I really enjoyed being with them. This post has lots of pictures, so I'll cut to the chase.

Chillicothe has an annual Holiday Parade, and this is the first year we have been able to go. Obviously it was very cold that day. We lasted through about a third of the parade before we went back to the car and watched most of the rest from there. We saw Rudolph, Frosty, Muddy the Mudcat, and KC Wolf. It was fun but very, very cold.

Emmalee has been working really hard to learn to ride her bicycle with no training wheels. On Thanksgiving Day we decided to give it a shot. She did really well until she realized I was no longer holding on, which led to her "crashing" and of course, crying. That was the end of no training wheel bicycle riding that day.

My parents have a "jumpy thing" (as the girls call it), and they got it out on Thanksgiving since it was so nice. Tori loves all things "jumpy", and this was no exception.

Sunday we had a birthday party for the girls' friend Joshua. It was at Air Zone. Obviously, Emmalee had a fantastic time...

... as did Tori, who gave mommy quite a work out going up and down the slides and obstacle courses.

This is one of many pictures I took in my futile attempt at the perfect Christmas card picture. We are still trying!
Yesterday Emmalee had a follow up appointment with her asthma/allergy doctor at Children's Mercy. We have been trying to get her asthma under control and added a new medicine in June. It hasn't worked as well as we had hoped, so now we will be adding another new medicine. We had hoped she would outgrow the asthma by now, but so far she is not showing signs of doing so. We also had her blood drawn (which required two people to hold her down and lots and lots of screaming) to check her milk allergy numbers. We are hoping to get a milk challenge scheduled at the beginning of 2009. Her dr. is certain she will outgrow this, and we are hopeful because she would love to eat some ice cream like the rest of her friends do. While we were waiting for the doctor to write up her new asthma action plan, the girls had a little too much fun. Here's the proof...
Emmalee was hanging on to the stool, and Tori was pushing her around the room. Apparently this was hilarious and great fun.

And then the fun took a wrong turn for Emmalee when Tori decided to bully her. Notice the look on Emmalee's face in not an amused look; however, Tori's face shows her delight! This is the way it works at our house-Emmalee is super sweet to Tori, and Tori is not so much in return!
That's all for now, but Emmalee has a big weekend coming up with the celebration of her 5th birthday. Stay tuned for details!


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So much fun!