Thursday, August 20, 2009


So Emmalee started kindergarten this week. It was a huge deal for all of us, and none of shed ANY tears! Hurray! She has a great teacher, whom I personally know (what a relief!). She has a good friend from summer school in her class, as well as a little boy whose mom is one of my co-workers. There are about 10 kiddos at Dewey whose parents teach at the middle school, so we walk together to pick them up, then they run around the building and play while we get our work done. It is so nice to have Emmalee with me every day, and she really enjoys playing with the other kids too!

Our first "First day of kindergarten" picture

Smiling for the camera

A picture with the backpack

In front of her new school

Hanging out in mom's room after school

Drawing me a picture after school

Day 2: They were asked to wear brown to school...
Emmalee is having a great time at school, and we are so happy to report that all is going very smoothly !

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Trip to Union Station

This week I took the girls out for what would be one of our final hurrahs before school starts. We ate lunch at Olive Garden, did a little shopping, took a side trip to the dermatologist for Emmalee, and then headed out to Union Station. Right now there is an exhibit based on The Chronicles of Narnia. Loving literature the way I do, as do the girls, we were absolutely mesmerized by the exhibit. The girls got to sit on a throne, touch a frozen waterfall, and launch a catapult. Walking through the wardrobe was magnificent as well; there was snow falling and the girls thought it was magical. Photographs were not allowed inside the exhibit, so here is a shot outside the gates.

The girls before the entered the exhibit.

We followed the exhibit with a trip to Science City. Emmalee went when she was about 15 months old, but this was the first trip for Tori (as well as the first Emmalee will remember).

Here the girls are in the Tot Spot.

On the seat deciding which was easier to lift

Emmalee making trash can music

Tori's trash can music

Tori hanging out on an alligator

Emmalee (our budding scientist/doctor) checking out the medical stuff

Hanging out in the helicopter

Climbing the grand staircase in Union Station before we left
Once we left Union Station, we headed out to one of the girls' all-time favorite spots: Crown Center. We had some Sheridan's Frozen Custard before heading to Gamma and Pappi's for a much overdue visit. The girls had a great time visiting and even got to feed their dog Biscuit some treats.

Having fun feeding Biscuit
It was a great day and a great way to bring the summer to an end (if there can be a great way to end summer!)!!!

A Mini Vacay

We decided to take a mini vacation to Osage Beach, which was really just an excuse to shop, during the first part of August. The girls got some new clothes, as did Mommy, and Mommy got a little Christmas shopping in. We had a great time. Before we headed home, we stopped by Grand Glaize Beach so the girls could see the lake.

Hanging out in the water

Tori in the water

The girls almost always hold hands. This started when Tori was tiny!

Emmalee on the beach
On the drive home we stopped at Jefferson City to walk the steps to the Capital. We had been in Jeff City when Emmalee was about 18 months old and have pics of her climbing the steps then. She looked so tiny! I love to visit the Capital, and the girls had a great time as well!

Standing in front of the Ten Commandments

Emmalee looking down at the Veterans' memorial

The girls climbing the steps

Tori on the steps

Emmalee in front of the doors

Tori making it to the top

The girls in front of a fountain

The girls hanging out on a light post

The girls together on the Capital steps
This trip was a lot of fun and hopefully we can make it a tradition!