Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snowed In

Mother Nature has NOT been kind to us lately. We have received more sleet, freezing, rain, and snow in the past 3 weeks than I can remember receiving the past several years combined. Last weekend we received a lot of snow on Wednesday night into Thursday, along with freezing cold temperatures. We were out of school for 2 more days, but we were stuck inside because of the bitter cold and huge snowdrifts. Here are some shots from around our yard.

Tori's tricycle was nearly covered in snow!

Emmalee thought she needed a skateboard because we had our own skate park in the backyard!

Big drifts by the swing set

The steps on our front porch were completely covered in drifts

More of our front steps

Another shot from our front porch
We were finally able to get in a full week of school this week, and the temperatures finally got above freezing. We are slowly thawing out, but it keeps freezing again at night. Emmalee has decided that Mother Nature must hate us, and she wishes it was summer all of the time. Can't fault a girl for wishing!