Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Year in Review: Emmalee

2009 was a HUGE year for Emmalee. She finished preschool in Richmond and started summer school in Chillicothe. She passed her milk challenge and is officially free of her milk allergy. She took dance lessons, played t-ball and soccer, took swim lessons, and joined the church choir, along with becoming a Christian and getting baptized in September. She mastered reading and writing and decided she wants to be a scientist when she grows up, which I fear is coming all too quickly! Here are the highlights of her year...

1. Preschool graduation

2. First day of summer school in Chillicothe

3. First t-ball game

4. First broken bone-silly monkey bars...

5. First roller coast ride at the Wisconsin Dells

6. First trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead

8. First trip to T-Rex Restaurant

9. First trip to Kaleidescope

10. First Day of Kindergarten

11.First time in a hot air balloon

12. First soccer game (with Mom as a coach-bonus!!)

13. First roller skating experience

14. First school program
15. First "friends-only" birthday party

Emmalee's Stats:
Height: 43 inches
Weight: 36 pounds
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Book: Junie B. Jones Books
Favorite Activity: Skating
# of Teeth Lost: 2