Friday, December 11, 2009

Roller Skating: Take 2

Emmalee celebrated her sixth birthday party with her friends at a skating party on December 5.  It was so much fun!  All of the kiddos, especially Emmalee, had such a great time.  There were 22 kids there, not including some of the kiddos older siblings who also know Emmalee through having had me as a teacher.  Emmalee has turned out to be a natural in terms of skating and really just got better at it the second time around.  The owners of the skating rink were amazed at how quickly she has taken to it!  The night was a total success, and it was so nice for Emmalee to be able to spend time with all of her friends outside of school!

Mom skating with Tori and Allison

A picture of some of the kiddos skating

Emmalee in her rock star t-shirt

Emmalee being a professional limbo-er

"What can I say Mom?  I'm just that good at it!"

Mom, Emmalee, and Keirston

Emmalee with her guitar cake, made especially for her by Gamma

A group shot, without a few kiddos, including Tori

Tori didn't do too badly herself

Tori all bundled up and "rock star"ed out

Emmalee with her new monkey, Lucy Gage (named after 2 of her best friends)

Lovin' on Lucy Gage (given to her by Gage)

All tuckered out, falling alsleep with Lucy Gage by her side
What a fabulous time!  Happy 6th birthday Sugar Plum Fairy!