Friday, December 4, 2009

Emmalee's Christmas Program

Emmalee's first school program was held last night.  It was quite a show, and all of the kiddos did a super job.  Emmalee confessed she had a bit of stage fright, which really surprised me since she has been in 2 dance recitals and numerous other performances.  Nonetheless, she did a super job and warmed right up to it!  It was very exciting to see all of the hard work the kids had put into it, as well as the saint of a music teacher (not to mention those saint-like kindergarten teachers as well!)!  Here are some of the best shots of the night.

Emmalee in her program finest

Emmalee standing next to the Christmas tree in the high school choir room

Emmalee, Gage, Lucy, and Maggie (all from Mrs. Paris's class)

A group shot of all the kindergartners

Doing the motions about Rudolph's red nose

Apparently they spied someone they knew in the audience!

And not to be left out, her is a shot of the ever-supportive, #1 fan, little sister Tori.  She was so excited to watch Emmalee and clapped and cheered for her.  True, unwavering love those two have!