Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Dance Performances

Emmalee and Tori had a Christmas performance at their dance studio last night. Emmalee has performed in them twice before, but this was Tori's performance debut. I admit, I was a bit nervous. But she did a great job and was absolutely adorable. Emmalee did great as well! Here are some pics and videos of the night.

Emmalee getting warmed up (or something like that...)

Going through their warm up routine

Tori taking to the mat

Tori and her classmates waiting to take the mat by themselves

Tori doing her headstand

Taking a bow

Emmalee gearing up for a cartwheel

Emmalee and her bestie, Isabelle

Tori and her classmates doing their dance

WOW! Such enthusiasm!

A group shot...

Emmalee's dance performance, complete with candy canes...

Performing with Isabelle and Haley

Walking around waving

The grand finale
Taking their bows

Tori tumbling

Emmalee tumbling

Tori dancing

Emmalee dancing
It was a GREAT time!