Friday, May 27, 2011

So Long First Grade

First grade was a BIG year for Emmalee. I cannot even begin to recount all the things she learned, but the thing I know I am the most excited about is that Mrs. Fox took her from a capable (meaning I could do it if I wanted to) reader to an advanced reader. This kid READS things I could not imagine reading at that age. I am SO excited!!! She learned patience and how to deal with students who weren't always as attentive. She polished her writing skills and has the one trait of writing that is so very difficult to teach-voice. Hers comes naturally. She uses a lot of humor in her writing, as well as adventure, suspense, mystery, and on and on... She's good with math and counting money, as well as amazing with science and history. She's pretty well rounded at this point, which makes me very happy! Mrs. Fox was the most amazing teacher we could have dreamed for Emmalee to have, and we feel blessed that her experiences in school thus far have been so amazing. While I hate the thought of wishing her life away, I can hardly wait to see what second grade holds!

Emmalee on the morning of the last day of first grade

Being silly in her morning snapshot

A more serious pose

The last time I will be able to take a picture of her in front of the Dewey sign, as next year she heads on over to Field School for second grade!!!

We are SO proud of all she has accomplished and the little girl she is!!