Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Celebration 2011

Tori's preschool had a Spring Celebration at the end of the school year. Each "grade" level of preschoolers put on a little show, and then there were cookies and punch afterwards. It was so great to watch Tori perform. She has learned so much this year and turned into such a sweet (slightly sassy) little girl who has really grown up so much this past year.

Tori in her classroom in the dress SHE picked out to wear.

Coming on the stage with Mister Chelle (Miss Rochelle)

The entire Primary Preschool Class

Tori singing one of her songs standing next to Chloe and Kaitlyn

Tori and Mister Chelle after the program

Tori with Miss Heidi (her teacher). Tori wants to be a doctor when she grows up!!

Tori and her buddy Koby after the program

Tori next to some of her artwork after the program

We can't wait to see what she learns next year!!