Monday, January 5, 2009

And so it goes...

Well, our mini-vacation has come and gone, so I am now back to work and the girls are back to their daily commute with daddy. Emmalee was the only one at all excited about this, as she has been anxiously awaiting the start of preschool again since early last week. This eager anticipation and strong desire on her part to be in school has brought me to the realization that in very little time (not nearly enough for this very sentimental mommy), she will be leaving the nest and going to kindergarten. While I know, from a teacher's point of view, that this day is inevitable and yes, even good for her, I do not want my little girl to grow up so quickly. I am sure this sentimental state of being is common, but I hadn't expected it to hit me so early in the year. I cried all the way to work today, and I am sure it won't be the last break down I have between now and August!

Our time at home was great but obviously went way too quickly! The girls had a great time together and played more together than I have ever seen them play. Tori has become quite the "big girl" in her own way, and she reminds me often through her actions that I no longer have a baby at home. She is as different from Emmalee as I could have ever imagined. I loved every minute of being at home with them (well, some moments reminded me of being at school, which wasn't so great, but...) I am looking forward to this summer when I will get some more time at home with them, but in the meantime, we will savor every moment we have together. We are looking forward to a blessed, healthy, and happy 2009, and we hope 2009 brings all of you the same!