Friday, January 30, 2009

Singing and Counting

What a week this has been for the O'Dell girls! It seems as though everyone is finally healthy again, and we are doing everything we can to keep it that way. Emmalee has her milk challenge on February 9, and she cannot be on any medications other than her daily meds at that time, or the test will be cancelled. Keep your fingers crossed for a healthy ten days!

Emmalee has decided this week to be a big girl and take showers instead of baths. She has always enjoyed taking showers, but this week she has been a big girl and gone solo. It is hilarious to be in the bathroom giving Tori a bath at the same time Emmalee is showering. She sings songs while she is washing and checks in to make sure she has rinsed all the shampoo out of her hair. So grown up! Tori doesn't mind too much, as she gets the big tub all to herself!

Tori has done her fair share of big girl things this week. She has been counting to three for some time now, but this week she took me by surprise. I was asking her to pick something up, and she responded that she didn't want to. I asked her again and started to count, so she knew I meant business. I said one, and she started in at two and counted all the way to ten. I was too stunned to correct her for her sassiness. I thought perhaps I hadn't heard her correctly, so I had her repeat herself in front of daddy too, so I had a witness. Usually she is not one to perform on command, but this time she indulged me and counted to ten again. I was pretty impressed. And in case you were wondering, she also indulged me and picked up her mess!

Other than the grown up moments we had this week it has been pretty calm. The girls scored lots of new books as the book fair was at mommy's school, and I had also just ordered from the elementary book order I get sent to me every month. We have spent lots of time this week reading new books. Emmalee is really getting into chapter books and looks forward to finding out what happens the next night-she even asks if she can go to bed so she can hear more of her book. This from the child who did her very best to not sleep at all the first two years of her life! We'll take whatever we can get!