Friday, January 23, 2009

Sinus Infections, Sleep (the lack of), and Surgery

Sickness has hit the O'Dell home. Last week it was me with something that had me at the emergency room once and back the next night for another round of IV antibiotics, along with another visit to the Dr. and strict bed rest for the weekend. Emmalee went to the Dr. Saturday and had a sinus infection. Tori started feeling bad and ended up at the Dr. Tuesday with a sinus infection and a severe case of bronchitis. She didn't sleep at all last night, as she is still not feeling very well. She is not very enthusiastic about using the nebulizer for breathing treatments, and is certainly not as content to have them as her big sister always has been. Of course, for Emmalee it has been a way of life since she was 15 months old.

While Tori was at the Dr., my mom, who took her because I had missed so much work last week, asked the Dr. about a bump she has on her right eyebrow. She has had it since she was born, and we were told it was nothing to worry about. As she has grown, so has it. Now she cries inconsolably when she bumps it. The Dr. said we need to have it surgically removed and gave us the name and number for a pediatric surgeon. He is not at all concerned about it, even though he calls it a cyst. He just thinks it will be easier to remove while she is younger and it won't leave as big a scar. I am not very excited about this, as she had surgery back in October for her MRSA, and Emmalee had her tonsils taken out almost two years ago, and neither experience was at all pleasant. I am sure everything will be fine; I just hate the thought of it.

Other than the sickness, the girls are doing great and continue to be full of energy and fun. Emmalee is loving school and learning so much. Tori is learning new things every day and loves to surprise us with the big words she can use. She pretends to be much older than she actually is! There is never a dull moment at the O'Dell house!