Friday, February 13, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend

Last weekend was gorgeous here, but of course, this week has snapped us back into the reality of living in Missouri. We enjoyed some time outside on Saturday, riding bikes, taking walks, and throwing rocks into the creek-which is one of the girls' favorite activities. It was nice to have some down time to just hang out, see some sunshine, and get some fresh air! Here are some pics.

The girls love to walk holding hands. We are getting ready to go throw rocks in the creek.

I can never pass up the opportunity to photograph them holding hands-too precious!

Emmalee getting back into the swing of bike riding.

Emmalee and Tori headed for a collision in Great-Grandma's driveway!

The rest of that weekend was spent at cousin Kaitlyn's birthday party and getting ready for the big milk challenge!