Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Official!

IT IS OFFICIAL!! Emmalee has finally outgrown her milk allergy. We went into the milk challenge feeling pretty confident that she would, but you never know what might happen. She was so excited that when I got her up at 5:15, she never went back to sleep; she was awake the whole trip to Children's Mercy! She was burtsing with excitement at getting to taste chocolate milk for the first time. By the way, she absolutely loved it! She was pretty disappointed that they were only giving her small amounts at a time. We were there for a total of 4 hours, and she was finally able to drink about 4 ounces.

Here is the milk jug we took with us. Emmalee thought it was "milkalicious!"

Here is my proud milk drinker about to embark on "drinking as much milk as she wanted to."
After we left CMH, we went to Crown Center for lunch. She was too giddy to eat, so we headed to Sheridan's for some "ice cream." I love Sheridan's and figured since Emmalee had never had real ice cream before, it wouldn't make much difference to her if she was eating custard or ice cream. Apparently it did, as she didn't like her oreo concrete. Oh well, she has since found some flavors of ice cream she finds tolerable, mostly ones that have any amount of chocolate in them! After striking out with the ice cream, we headed to the Wizard of Oz exhibit. Emmalee has some fun playing around while we were there. Here are a few pics.

Here she is in the hot air balloon, ready to head back to Kansas.

Here she is looking sweet!
Overall, the news was fantastic and much needed in terms of her allergies! This is the first time we have left an appointment without giving blood and feeling quite so "doom and gloom" about everything we have to avoid. Life hasn't changed all that much, as we already had milk products in the house, but it is fun to watch Emmalee enjoy milk products for the first time in her life!