Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Tribute to Tori

Tori is about to turn 2. I am not sure how this happened or where the last two years have gone, but it’s true. While Tori may not have received as much attention or one-on-one time from me as Emmalee did, I wanted to let her (and everyone else) know how amazing I think she is!

1. I am amazed at her sweet smile that can melt my heart no matter what the situation is.

2. I am amazed at her ability to love her sister so much that she often chooses Sister over everyone else.

3. I am amazed that she eats-this child will eat nearly anything you give her, and so far she has shown no signs of any allergies!

4. I am amazed that she sleeps. She has always been a good sleeper and is really into a routine about her naps and betimes.

5. I am amazed at her vocabulary. While she didn’t say as much as early as Emmalee did, when she decided to talk in public (versus the safety of home with mommy, daddy, and sister), she did so in complete sentences. She goes on and on about anything and everything, and she is always using new words.

6. I am amazed at how much she loves for us to read her books. She always says, “nother one” when we finish, as well as saying “The End” when I close the book.

7. I am amazed at the cuddles she gives-the way she puts both her arms around your neck and squeezes tight-melts my heart!

8. I am amazed at how she loves to play dolls. She carries them around and gives them bottles, rocks them to sleep, and changes their diapers. She is an awesome mommy-in-training.

9. I am amazed at how she has been potty trained and gone without any accidents for nearly a month now. It was a fluke that we jumped on the potty training thing to begin with, but now she is a serious potty trained little lady!

10. I am amazed that I was blessed enough to have another little girl who is loving, funny, sassy, silly, and sweet all rolled into one adorable bundle of energy. She makes me smile on the darkest of days.

Victoria Faith, you are a miraculous blessing, and I thank God for you every day!