Monday, March 2, 2009

Medicine and Manicures

What a weekend! Life is usually pretty hectic at our house, but for the most part, it slows down on the weekends. This weekend was definitely an exception. I worked on Saturday, which I do from time to time to have a quiet place to get caught up on grading and planning. This also allows the girls to have some valuable daddy time without mommy there. This weekend we were projected to get a good snow fall, so I decided to get around extra early to be sure I made it in time. Tori woke up at 4 and that was then end of me sleeping. We ended up getting a miniscule amount of snow, so I didn’t need to leave early after all.

Tori had a rough night Saturday night as well, leaving mommy with about 2-3 hours (not consecutive, by the way) of sleep. It was at that point that I knew she needed to go to the dr., as I would not be able to function at work without any sleep while we waited out whatever she had. Turns out she has double pink eye and needed a steroid, so hopefully we are on the path to recovery. She was such a big girl about getting her eye drops-not a flinch or fuss the whole time! She actually slept through the night, allowing mommy some much needed rest before returning to work today.

Emmalee had a big time on Friday when she attended her first birthday party without mommy, daddy, or Gamma. Her good friend Mira turned 5 last week, and the girls went for a manicure after preschool Friday. Emmalee has beautifully painted pink fingernails with a lovely design (her words). After getting their nails done, they went for pizza. She was on cloud nine when they got home and talked all weekend about the party. Emmalee was so proud of herself for being such a big girl and going to the party without us. We knew she was in good hands, as Erin, Mira’s mom, always looks out for Emmalee’s well-being and is very cautious of her food allergies. I know Emmalee is really going to miss her friends she has made in preschool over the past two years, especially since the school year is nearly over, and she will soon be attending school in Chillicothe. I know she will make great new friends there, but I hope she always stays in contact with these first new friends. We have all grown pretty attached to them!