Monday, March 23, 2009

A Crazy, Fun Weekend

As busy weekends go, this one ranks right at the top of "how much can you pack into 1 day?" Saturday was a busy but fun day. It started out as I headed to work for 4 hours while Daddy watched the girls. Daddy was sick, so he did his supervising from the sofa wrapped in a blanket, but the girls and the house all looked amazing when I got home, so apparently this worked out well. When I got home, Daddy headed to bed for some much needed rest, and I headed to the Richmond area with Emmalee and Tori for one of Emmalee's friend's birthday parties. After dropping Tori off with Gamma, Emmalee and I headed to Jadelynn's birthday party. Emmalee had the best time ever. There was a magician, who also made balloon animals. After playing shy for a bit, Emmalee warmed right up and even got involved in the magic show as an assistant.

Here is Emmalee laughing hysterically at the magician during one of his tricks.

Emmalee running around with her balloon pony.

Emmalee got to twirl a plate on her finger-she was so proud of herself.
After we picked up Tori we headed home as Mommy and Daddy had dinner plans and Konner was coming over to play with the girls. The girls love playing with her and were so excited when she got there. Our dinner was short and sweet, as Daddy still didn't feel very well. Emmalee was disappointed we weren't gone longer, but Daddy just didn't feel up to much else.
Sunday brought about Papa's birthday, so we headed up the road for lunch and some play time with the cousins. The kids had fun playing with Kaitlyn and Gavin, and they were both exhausted, making bed time pretty easy. However, Emmalee woke up at about 1:15 complaining her chest hurt. We did a quick move into her yellow zone on her asthma action plan, and after about 45 minutes of coughing and crying, she was able to calm down and go to sleep. Hopefully we won't be headed to the pediatrician's office today!