Monday, March 30, 2009

The Big Girl Bed

Since Tori is going to be 2 in just 13 short days, we decided to put the crib away and get a big girl bed. We have had the bed for a while, but we still needed to get a mattress set. Duane went and got it Saturday morning, trying to beat the huge snowstorm the meteorologists had predicted. After the bridal shower for Duane's cousin's fiancee, we put the bed together. Tori seemed to be unaffected by the goings on around her, but I hoped the evening would bring about utter excitement at sleeping in a "big girl bed." We really worked hard to pump her up, even getting Emmalee involved. Much to my chagrin, it failed miserably. She was up too many times to count Saturday night, and then last night I got less than 3 hours of sleep because of this fabulous, oh-so-wonderful big girl bed.

I want the crib back! I don't care how long she stays in it, how much we paid for the bed and mattresses, or all the work involved in taking down and putting up all the furniture (though I am sure my husband would have something different to say about that). I can't believe we had a good thing going with the sleeping in the crib and then took it all away for some over-rated big girl bed. Now, maybe I am just bitter because Emmalee was out of her crib at 15 months, but I fully expected the transition to be much smoother. I guess time will tell...

Here is sleeping beauty in her big girl bed-it didn't last long!

I guess the highlight of all this is that I am spending lots of quality time with Tori,and she has my undivided attention-except for when I start to doze off because it is 3 o'clock in the morning! Despite it all, I still love her more than words can say!