Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's All About Emmalee

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were days that were all about Emmalee. I know she feels like she doesn't get as many of these now that she has a little sister, and I know she really enjoys them when the time comes for one. Tuesday was her kindergarten screening. She was excited about this and has been asking us for kindergarten tips. She was a bit shy when she first got there, but she left with the principal to do her screening with no problems. She did fantastic on her screening-even doing perfect on one section-the only kiddo to do so all day! I was happy to hear she did so well because at home she pretends she hasn't learned anything the past two years in preschool. I, along with my checkbook, feel better knowing she has learned lots-apparently enough to be borderline "above average to significantly above average." I know she will do great, and we are all excited for fall!

Here she is getting a pep talk from Tori before her screening. The two of them are almost inseperable-which could be a problem when Emmalee starts summer school in May.

Wednesday was opening night of Disney on Ice. We took her last year, and she loved it. This year was just as fun. She had a blast. I knew this may have been the last year we took just her, so I probably went a little overboard indulging her with goodies!

Here she is before the performance-all smiles and full of excitement!

Here she is goofing off with Daddy. I think he had a good time too!

This picture says it all-so much fun!
It was nice to spend some quality time with her-seems like she is growing up too fast!


Anonymous said...

Guess maybe I started spoilin her with Disney on Ice! Sorry! Love you guys!

Aunt Deana