Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter 2009 was lots of fun. We started off the festivities decorating eggs. The girls really got into it, and I wasn’t sure we would ever get the green coloring off Tori’s hands. Eventually we did, and the eggs turned out beautifully. The next morning brought about excitement over the gifts left by the Easter bunny and then a rush to get dressed and off to church with my family in Richmond. The service was amazing, as was the behavior of the kiddos. We then went back to Gamma and Pappi’s for lunch, opening more gifts, play time with the cousins, and a short rainy Easter egg hunt in the front yard. The girls had a great time and were so worn out that Tori actually slept through the night in her big girl bed-this was a feat within itself! Here are some pics of the fun-filled day.

Tori coloring eggs

Emmalee coloring eggs

Emmalee checking out the goodies left by the Easter Bunny

Tori checking out her gifts from the Easter Bunny

Our two pretty princesses posing for the camera