Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hilarious Moments

Last night was full of hilarious moments. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. They are in black and white because for some reason, after being used in the rain on Easter, the colors of my pictures are messed up unless I do them in black and white. Hopefully the effect is the same-silly little girls playing silly games-good times, good times!

After their baths, Tori decided she was going to put on her pajama bottoms along with her sister's top. Tori thought it was hilarious, but Emmalee didn't find it quite as humorous until she put on Tori's shirt. Though it was an 18 months, it fits like a charm ( a little short in the sleeves, but she could call it 3/4 length!)

The girls were playing "chase" in this picture-basically just running around and around in circles through the living room.

Tori tackling her big sister

Emmalee finally learned how to blow a bubble. She is very proud of herself, and not Tori wants to learn.
Here is a video I took on my camera-listen closely as Tori is running.

Okay, so the color is horrible on this video, as it was taken on my camera-which is slowly dying after being used in the rain on Easter. However, the hilarity is still there as you watch Tori run around the room in the new shoes that squeak like baby toys with every step she takes. She absolutely loves them, and I think they are annoyingly adorable. She runs full speed through the house and stomps really hard every chance she gets to hear them squeak. She giggles in delight and then takes off again!

Last night was a night of absolutely adorable moments with the girls. Lots of giggling was heard throughout the house, which makes for a great evening.


Peggy said...

I was afraid you would absolutely hate those shoes. I tried not to let her wear them home, but she won. They are going to alert me when her and Cash have gone off to who knows where outside[as they try to do alot!] I do love her reaction to them!She's my girl luv ya, gamma!!!

Peggy said...

By the way they are Squeekers!

dearae said...

The girls are too cute! At least with the shoes you cant lose her!
aunt deana