Friday, April 24, 2009

Doctor Day

Yesterday the girls had four doctors' appointments between them. We headed out at 8:00 with our destination being a 10:00 appointment with a plastic surgeon at Children's Mercy Hospital. Tori was born with a bump over her right eye which has gotten bigger as she has grown. It is getting closer to impeding her vision, so our pediatrician wants us to have it removed. After waiting an hour to see the surgeon, he met with us for 5 minutes, told us she has a dermoid cyst, which is very common and nothing to worry about, and he told us the nurse would schedule our surgery. FOR OCTOBER!!!! In 6 months, Tori is scheduled to have minor surgery which will result in a small incision above her right eyebrow, will have stitches on the inside, and could result in a black eye. There is a 10 % chance the cyst will return. Apparently we will just have to wait until after October to see.

After leaving Children's Mercy, we headed to Crown Center to Emmalee's favorite restaurant, Crayola Cafe. This was Tori's first trip, and though neither girl ate much, they had fun coloring and drinking out of their crayon shaped cups. Once we finished lunch, we went outside to the Playhouses on Parade. These are playhouses that were built and decorated to be auctioned off on Saturday to benefit Habitat for Humanity. The girls loved them and checked out each one so they could decide which style they liked best. After that we went back inside to the Wizard of Oz exhibit, which Emmalee has been to, but Tori was seeing for the first time. They had a great time there as well. Here are some pictures from the "fun" part of the day.

A pretty pink playhouse...

Another pretty pink playhouse, complete with a flower box!

A pretty blue playhouse with a porch (one of mom's favorites)

Here they were trying to sell lemonade out the back window of one of the houses-hilarious!

Emmalee and Tori in the Great Oz's "office".

Inside the "spooky" part
Standing oh-so-still for mommy in front of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion...
Once we left Crown Center, we headed north for well-child check ups for both the girls, including Emmalee's kindergarten shots. I am well aware that she turned 5 in December, but I have something against taking a perfectly healthy child into a Dr's. office full of sick kids in the winter just to get shots. Plus, I was trying to prolong the inevitable screaming that comes with the appearance of needles. Both girls are in perfect health with Emmalee a bit on the small side, but what's new? Tori is in the 50th percentile for weight and 75 percentile for height, while Emmalee is in the 5th percentile for weight and the 10th percentile for height. I have a feeling that little sister will be outgrowing big sister before very long.

After that appointment and a brief trip to Target for a drink, we headed to the dermatologist to see about some bumps Emmalee has on her tummy. They are mollescum, which look like little warts, but are a virus in the same family as small pox. He treated hers with a bit of medication and then covered them with tape, which was to be removed 30 minutes later. They now look like little blisters and should go away soon. He said that children who have asthma, allergies, and hay fever are more susceptible to them and usually get hundreds (Emmalee has all three conditions but only had 15 bumps when we took her in). He also said that they have a harder time fighting them because of their weakened immune systems, so he treats them more often than children who don't have any of the above listed conditions. This procedure was painless, so Emmalee didn't have anything negative to say about it (until one of the blisters popped open at dance class and bled and then she fussed).

We then headed home and to dance lessons. All in all in was a good day-tiring but fun. I am glad we are caught up on doctors' appointments and hopefully we will get a call that Tori's surgery has been bumped up, as we are on a cancellation list.