Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dancing Disaster

This week was "bring a friend to dance" week, so Emmalee chose to take Tori as her friend. This was going to help us see how ready she was for summer dance. Tori was very excited about going to dance with Mimi, but once she got back inside the studio, she quickly changed her mind. She told Miss Tracey, "I no like it, I no like it." That was the end of that. Emmalee was crushed and cried too, but everyone calmed down and Emmalee returned to dance lessons. Tori even ventured in for a brief moment. I think her real problem was that she only wanted to jump on the trampoline, like she did at Emmalee's birthday party. However, you can't do whatever you want to do at dance, you have to listen to Miss Tracey and Jorge. Tracey thinks she will be fine this summer; she thinks Tori got overwhelmed by too many big kids making a fuss over her. She is signed up for summer lessons and Fairy Tale Ballet Camp, so I guess we will see!

The girls after leaving McDonald's

Sheer excitement just prior to going into the studio