Saturday, May 9, 2009

A week of this and that...

Spring has finally arrived, and we have spent lots of time playing outside lately. It has been wonderful, and I think it has also helped with getting both girls (namely Tori) to sleep through the night.

Last weekend we went to Dylan and Cobi's birthday parties on Saturday. Everyone had a great time. Here are some pics to prove it.

Here is Uncle Brian helping Tori and Cobi out on the trampoline.

The kiddos with Brian waiting for the horses to come so they could feed them carrots.

Uncle Brian helping Emmalee get the carrot to the horse-she gets a little nervous.

Tori and Pappi on Uncle Brian's 4-wheeler

Emmalee hanging upside down
We have spent as much time outside as possible this week. The girls love it and so do I!

This is what happens when you tell a 2-year-old to go get her shoes. I decided to skip the argument and go with it-happy toddler; happy mommy!

A rare picture of mommy and Tori-I am usually the one behind the camera!

Mommy and Emmalee on the swing set
Things are about to get pretty crazy around our house. I am entering my last 8 days of school, and Emmalee has her dance recital and preschool graduation during my last 3 days. We are all excited for a little time off before I head back to teach summer school, and Emmalee enters the Chillicothe School District as a student in summer school!