Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Bad Ending

Tori has always been just a bit more clumsy than Emmalee. She has always fallen more, scraped her knees more, bumped her head more, busted her lip more... We are pretty accustomed to hearing a thud and a cry from Tori and then needing to get the ice pack. Last night was no exception. The girls were playing and Tori ran through our bedroom. She fell head first into the curio cabinet, and she ended up being worse for the wear. She has a big bruise/scrape combination down the side of her face. She is a trooper though and hasn't fussed too much about it. In fact, it hasn't slowed her down at all. Just this morning she was trying to stand on a laundry basket near the television and that ended badly as well. This bump, though, is under her hair, so I have no pictures to show her later. I am surprised she doesn't have a pounding head at this point!

Here she is with her war wound!