Thursday, July 2, 2009

Broken Bones, Birthday Parties, and Ball Games

Okay, so Emmalee's elbow is really just fractured, but fracture didn't go with the alliteration element I was trying to achieve-I am sure it is an English teacher thing. Nonetheless, it took Emmalee all of 17 days of school to get her first big-time injury. It happened, of course, on the dreaded monkey bars. After receiving two phone calls from her teacher, I picked her up and headed out to the hospital for some x-rays. The first showed something in her elbow, but subsequent films were clear. She wore a splint all weekend and received the okay on Monday to go back to t-ball. My mother's intuition told me (along with the simple fact that she refused to straighten her arm and cried if we tried to make her do so) something more was wrong. After a quick call to the pediatrician's office, we headed that way for a check up there. He then sent us to an orthopaedic surgeon at Children's Mercy, who declared it fractured. She is sporting a sparkly purple waterproof cast and seems completely unaffected by the whole ordeal.

Here she is before school the day of the accident. We actually took a picture of her every day of summer school, so this was just a coincidence we would actually have before and after pictures!

At home after getting her splint
The same day she got her cast, she attended a pool party for one of her friends from summer school. We thought it was a good test for how well she did in the water, as we are leaving soon for a vacation full of time at a water park, including the hotel where we are staying. She had a great time, and the cast held up well!
Playing under the waterfall "thingy"
Emmalee also proved to be quite a trooper with her cast and played in two t-ball games this week. She actually batted with her left hand, which proved to be more successful than her previous attempts with her right hand. We have noticed that she has been quick to pick up doing things with her left hand, and her handwriting looks the same with both hands. She may be one who can use either hand!
Her first at bat using her left hand-she hit it the first time!

Hanging out with her friend Emmitt from summer school. The two of them were paying more attention to one another than the game! :)

A smile from the sidelines
She goes back next Friday to get the cast taken off, and then we are going to enjoy, hopefully, an injury free rest of our summer!