Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

This year we decided to take our family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. I went there several times growing up, and I always loved it. The girls did a phenomenal job in the car, both on the way there and back. Tori was a little unsure of being away from home and frequently (most often at bedtime) asked if we could just go home. Otherwise I think everyone had a good time. Here are the pictures.

We take a picture of the girls together every morning before we head out. Here they are the day we left.

Hanging out in the car listening to music

On the beach of the Wisconsin River

Daddy, Emmalee, and Tori on the beach

Day 2

Emmalee coming back from an "excursion" during our boat tour

This is what Tori did during the excursion

Emmalee riding a roller coaster at Mt. Olympus

Emmalee driving the go-karts

Tori on the train

Day 3

Tori having a big time on a ride

Daddy and Emmalee on the bumper boats

Tori goofing off while Daddy and Emmalee rode the big kid go-karts

Emmalee and more go-kart riding

Emmalee on a water slide at Mt. Olympus

Daddy and Emmalee on the Lazy River at Mt. Olympus

Day 4-heading home
All in all, we had a great vacation and are looking forward to where we will land next year. (I am hoping for a real beach!)