Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

We packed all we could into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and we had a great time. We started by making cookies for Santa...

Putting the cookies onto the cookie sheet

Then we opened some gifts from each other

Emmalee LOVED her Dukes of Hazzard shirt

So did Daddy

and so will Baby C once he gets here (Tori got one too, but she wasn't quite as impressed)

Tori, on the other hand, was thrilled with her Teacup Piggy

And Emmalee loved her crystal growing set

Following a fabulous dinner at Uncle Brian and Aunt Brandi's, we got ready to go to church for candlelight service

The girls loved being able to pose with some of their cousins before we headed out

Then we attempted a picture with all the cousins once we got back to Gamma and Pappi's after church

And with Gamma and Pappi

Then we got down to the business of opening gifts. Emmalee was thrilled with this pink pillow for her new rock-n-roll bedroom

Tori, who is infatuated with pigs, loves her pillow pet piggy

Emmalee got a pink BB gun, which she LOVES

Then, after what seemed like just a little bit of sleep, the girls woke up to see what Santa had left
Emmalee LOVES her MP4 player

Tori was satisfied with her new clothes

and her pretty new pillow

which matches her sister's

Tori especially loves her Olivia play set

Emmalee jamming to her MP4 player

Then we got ready and ventured up the road to Grandma and Papa's for Christmas there. We didn't get many good pictures, but the girls really enjoyed themselves and their gifts.
Christmas was time spent with family, and that was what really mattered to all of us.