Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 in 2010

2010 has been quite a year! I compiled a Top 10 Events in 2010 for the O'Dell girls (together this year). It is a "summary", if you will, of their year.

1. We started the year off welcoming Lilleigh Rae into the world. The girls couldn't love their baby cousin more if they tried! 2. Tori performed in her first ever dance recital. Mom was a bit nervous, but she made us so proud! She didn't even hesitate to get out on the stage!

3. Emmalee finally got to see Shamu for the first time. She is a HUGE animal lover and seeing Shamu in real life brought tears to her eyes!

4. Tori finally got to attend Vacation Bible School. She is much more apprehensive of new situations than Emmalee is, so I was very proud of her for going and not crying at all!

5. Emmalee started first grade with her beloved teacher, Mr.s Fox. She is having a fabulous year and is growing leaps and bounds in her reading!

6. We found out we would be adding another O'Dell munchkin to our mix; this time a boy!!!

7. Tori started preschool. She wasn't sure about it at first, but now she really enjoys herself. She has an amazing teacher and helper, along with lots of friends from church in her class.

8. Tori, since she is going to school in Chillicothe, started going to a babysitter, who, for the first time (other than a teenager) isn't family. She has adjusted quite well and seems to have Miss Holly convinced she is a laugh a minute!

9. Emmalee performed for the first time as a member of Shapes Dance and Acro's competitive team.

10. Emmalee had her first ever speaking part in her school's Christmas program.


The girls have really grown and changed a lot this yer. We are anxious to see what 2011 holds, especially with baby brother's birth in just over a month!

Emmalee's Stats:
Height:46 inches
Weight: 40 pounds
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Activity: Drawing
Favorite Books: Mercer Mayer books
Future Career: Scientist and a Baker
Number of Teeth Lost: 6

Tori's Stats:
Height: 41 inches
Weight: 32 pounds
Favorite Color: Blue
favorite Activity: Playing Musical Chairs
Favorite Book: Apple Countdown
Future Career: Cheerleader